Random bits

Site development and evolution sample combines content, web standards, a WordPress blog, Facebook, Flash, Twitter and community involvement. It is a not-for-profit, philanthropic site dedicated to promoting honey bees. It is a space where I can bee creative and support an important cause.


Version 1.0, 2002 – 2005: launched from very humble beginnings.


Version 2.0, 2005 – 2014: The second version of the website featured an accessible inferface while utilizing Flash components throughout. The site was designed with fallbacks to enable the graceful degradation of components so the site would work for most devices and browsers, even those without Flash, JavaScript and/or CSS. joined Facebook in 2009 and Twitter in 2011.


Version 3.0, 2014 – today: The third version of the site launched in May 2014 as a single page web app. All Flash content was replaced with HTML5. The site is responsive and adjusts to fit various browser resolutions. It is also touch-sensitive for mobile/touch-screen access.


Memory Game sample

While walking my daughter to dance class one morning, she told me that she wanted to take photos of her stuffed animal toys and make a card game. I told her about a Memory Game card set that my father had given to me when I was a child. We discussed further and resolved to make Memory Game for her iPad Mini.

Returning home after dance, I set her up with a camera and tripod. She took photos of her "stuffies" and I went to the computer to research. I found a pure JavaScript game at available for us to use under the open source MIT license. We spent the next few hours optimizing photos and updating content, styling and playing the game. Here is the result:

play the game


Flash/ActionScript Game sample

I created the "Mite Attack!!!" game in 2003 as a project for a Multimedia Authoring course. It is one of my earlier works, but a good demonstration of gaming basics and of developing an interactive web component from a simple storyboard.

play the game

view the game storyboard PDF

Mite Attack game cover