London, England

Sentient: having the power of perception

Design: to plan and fashion artistically and skillfully

My name is Daniel Szabo and this is my personal website and UX playground. I create web-based solutions by integrating information, design, systems, principles of learning and computer programming. I find inspiration from the behaviours of eusocial insects, the writings and theories of Steven Pinker, Marshall McLuhan and Richard Dawkins, and the subtle elegance of Prada, The Designers Republic and Frank Lloyd Wright.

A fascination with how cognition can be modelled by distributed computing has lead me to believe that the greatest information technologies empower communication, connecting minds, and are based on: accessibility, usability, reliability, scalability, content and community.

On this site you will find samples of my web projects, résumé and links to some of my favourite resources for building a better Internet. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. Enjoy your visit!